General presentation

The building is the former Harjunmäki school, which was bought by the Könni village society in 2003 after the school ceased operations. The village house is located In the village of Harjunmäki about 9 km from the center of Ilmajoki towards Ylistaro. The house is suitable for year-round use and there is a small sports field connected to it, which can be used for skating in winter.

Space capacity

The house has a kitchen and two meeting rooms that can accommodate a total of about 100 people. The larger of the rooms (63 m²) can also be used as an exercise room. A smaller space is a 50 m² classroom.

Use of the house in summer/winter time

For year-round use.

Kitchen equipment

The house has a well-equipped kitchen, with e.g. plenty of cold storage space, a large Coffee Queen coffee maker, an electric stove, a tipper boiler, an industrial dishwasher and convection oven, a thermal bath, and a lot of serving and food preparation utensils.


From country women food and coffee equipment for 100–150 people is available for rent.

Possibility to rent part of the space for smaller use

It is possible.

Accommodation available

No accommodations.

Other equipment

Handicapped toilet, wheelchair ramp, childcare table, sound system, video cannon, plenty of parking space, mechanical air conditioning, beach volleyball, good linens, playground, 75-inch screen that can be connected to a laptop, piano, pacemaker.


Updated August 1, 2023.

More than 50 people Meeting room Party space


Harjunmäentie 165
60800 Ilmajoki
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