General presentation

Ylistaro's Ylipää Youth Club is located in Ylistaro's Kylänpää. Various parties can be organized in the house. The society has organized weddings, birthdays, children's parties, funerals and other family celebrations. In addition to family parties, meetings are organized in the house. The youth club is also suitable for organizing concerts or dances.

Space capacity

When the hall is used by approx. 250 people. Restaurant space approx. 40 people.

House summer/winter use

For year-round use.

Kitchen equipment

Fully equipped kitchen; stove, tipper boiler, convection oven, dishwasher and cold storage facilities. Coffee machines, kettle, microwave and versatile crockery.


Tableware for more than 150 people.

Crockery is also rented outside the house.

Possibility to rent part of the space for smaller use

Restaurant space can be rented for smaller events or meetings.

Accommodation available

There is no possibility of accommodation.

Other equipment

Sound reproduction equipment.

Remote working use

Not available for remote working.


Updated on June 7, 2024

More than 50 people Meeting room Party space


Kylänpäantie 214
61450 Kylänpää
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