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The Liiver region includes Ilmajoki, Jalasjärvi and Seinäjoki, which have a total of 60 rural villages and 15 residential areas. Liiveri is a credit package for the villages, as projects have been financed in almost every village. In addition, Liiver's village expert has been sparring with villages and districts in their development for ten years.

Development of villages

The development of the villages is based on the desire to promote the residents' activity and improve the villages' comfort and everyday safety. A huge amount of voluntary work is done in the villages, which creates well-being in their surroundings. Village activities also strengthen community spirit and root residents in their home region. Liiveri has its own village expert who spars with villages and districts in their development matters.

Contact the village specialist when you need:

  • advice on project planning and financing
  • help in making a village security plan
  • help planning the village event
  • advice and help with marketing and information
  • tips for diversifying the use of the village hall
  • enthusiasm for working together

Funding for village development and investments

Liiveri finances village development and investment projects. During twenty years, projects have been implemented in almost every village. What kind of development is needed in your village?

What do you want to develop in your village?

Leader groups from Eteläpohja have applied for the Älykäs village cooperation project from the ELY center. The Future Villages 2.0 project is piloting the future of villages in three themes:


Energy villages


Villages of digital services


Imago villages

Energy villages - The village can aim for self-sufficiency and sustainability through, for example, energy surveys and renewable energy. The village can map and utilize the possibilities of renewable energy, reduce waste, strengthen the circular economy and recycling, favor local production and test new energy technologies. The village can also plan sustainable consumption trainings and community projects.

Villages of digital services - Digitality brings the world to every home. The village can develop its own digital services, use health and wellness services electronically, or create communal digital platforms. The village can also promote the residents' digital skills and combine it with the smoothness of everyday life.

Imago villages - Let's create stories from the villages that invite and inspire. The village can create a strong brand and identity that makes the village attractive. The village can shape a visual identity, implement marketing campaigns, organize community events and strengthen digital visibility.

In each theme, six villages or groups of villages are taken to pilot new operating models. Ideas are taken forward with the help of industry experts in thematic workshops. The workshops are implemented provincially, and local workshops are also held if necessary. The workshops and their expert services are free of charge for those participating in the project, and some of the development measures can be carried out within the framework of the project. Villages participating in the project for village-specific acquisitions and development activities receive increased project support: 90% support for development and 80% support for investments. 

The villages participating in the project are required to commit for the entire duration of the project, until the end of 2025. You can join the project by filling out the form during March 2024 at:

Are you interested in village development? Want to hear more? Be in touch Anne's.

Get to know the villages in the area

The Liiver region includes Ilmajoki, Jalasjärvi and Seinäjoki, which have a total of 60 rural villages and 15 residential areas. Each village and local community has its own identity and development needs - read more on the village presentation pages! 

The banquet hall register helps in comparing facilities

More than 40 rooms for rent from the Ilmajoki, Jalasjärvi and Seinäjoki areas have been gathered in the party hall register maintained by Liiver. Find a space that meets your needs quickly and easily!

Village expert Anne Palohuhta is happy to participate in your meetings, for example. Let's call and agree!​​

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Minna and Mika's second home in the country

Minna and Mika from Pori bought a leisure apartment in Jalasjärvi.

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