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Honkakylä is a cozy rural milieu in the armpit of Seinäjoki, located about 15 kilometers south of Seinäjoki. Road connections from Honkakylä to the rest of Finland are difficult. The village is surrounded by green fields and forest landscapes and the beautiful Seinäjoki flows through the village. Honkakylä is an active village of more than 200 inhabitants, where many young families with children live. The Rengonharju airport area is also located near Honkakylä.

Services and hobby opportunities

An early childhood education center operates in Honkakylä, which is located on the bank of the river, in an idyllically beautiful location. In the premises of the early childhood education center, e.g. civic college courses: weaving and gymnastics. In the yard of the early childhood education center, there is a sand field, where children and young people actively play in the summer, e.g. soccer. In winter, there is a hockey rink on the field. On the ground floor of the early childhood education center is a village hut maintained by the Honkakylä village society. Joint meetings, evening parties, Lakeuden Eräpartio patrolling, Seinäjoki parish school-aged club activities and Bible circle gatherings are organized in the village hall. The village also has a gym at a very user-friendly price. The village club also rents dishes (coffee and food dishes) for larger parties.

In the village there is an illuminated bowling alley, with an 18-hole frisbee golf course built next to it. In winter, the snow trail works as a dog run, which is routed to a network of trails, along which you can ski, e.g. On the porch of Sauralaksonmäki. The village has Pesäkolo and Kuussaari lavuts, where you can go and make coffee in the heart of nature. The Seinäjoki hiking trail also runs through the village, along which you can hike or bike.  

Village events

The village club organizes e.g. the summer event and the roadside cleaning tasks in the spring. The parent group of the Early Childhood Education Center organizes traditional Easter sales.

Construction sites

The village has vacant lots owned by private landowners and the city of Seinäjoki.

The strengths of the village

Excellent location in terms of traffic and in relation to the city of Seinäjoki - services are easily available. Cozy, natural area, large lots. Early childhood education center. Active village club and talkative spirit.

Updated on April 6, 2023

Honkakylä village association

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