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From the village of Pasto, it is about 30 kilometers to Alavude, 35 kilometers to Seinäjoki, and eight kilometers to the center of Peräseinäjoki. The village is a small rural village with just under 40 households, about 110 inhabitants. There are also a dozen houses in the village that are used as holiday homes. Previously, the village had fifteen cattle or milking farms. Nowadays, the number has halved. The horse hobby has increased in the village, about ten farms have horses.

The village landscape is colored by wide open fields, hills, mounds, meadows and small marshes. Åhvenjoki and Lehmijoki flow through the village. The Åland River originates from Jääskänjärvi on the Alavude side. In the river, there is a rapids place built by the water district about 150 meters from the bridge at the beginning of Ylijoki road. The rivers merge into Nurmonjoki near the so-called Mylly-Pasto at the Larvala farm, flowing as one river through Ylijoki village to Nurmonjoki and further into the Lapuanjoki watershed.

Lehmijoki undercuts road 6942 (road about 14 kilometers Peräseinäjoki- Sydänmaa station) near Postiristintie. The Kankaanpäänmäki wind turbine, which was built in the area during 2015, is about a kilometer from the Postiristintie towards the center of Peräseinäjoki. Three 130-meter wind turbines grind electricity into the national grid.

Historical buildings

The Pasto (formerly Kaappo Pasto) homestead was founded in 1888. The old living room was from 1797, the current living room from 1833, renovated later. The house is located on Pastonmäki by Pastontie. Kankaanpää's original family farm was divided in 1792. The residential building in the 1870s is located along Postiristintie.


A minibus goes to Kirkonkylä. You can also get to Seinäjoki by bus in the morning for errands and back in the afternoon. Residents of the houses along Pasto and Ylijoentie and the residents of Kalliokoskentie and Postiristintie mainly do business in the church village of Peräseinäjoki.

Shared spaces and hobby opportunities

Pasto's former school (1925–1971) has a downstairs hall and a small kitchen. In the old classrooms on the upper floor, there is the civic college's weaving circle. In the weaving circle, you can weave, for example, carpets or other home textiles. The hall's premises are used for family parties, birthday parties, dance parties, sähli, school reunions, etc. You can jog in the varied nature of the village according to your own preferences. A popular cycling route is, for example, from the church village towards Pasto and further along Postiristintie towards Alavudentie, continuing either the Kalajärvi causeway or the road to the Kalajärvi tourist center.

Associations operating in the area

Pasto Agricultural and household women and Pasto-Haapaluoma village committee.

Pasto Agricultural and household women

principal Tuija Hautakorpi, tel. 06 417 6347

Pasto-Haapaluoma village committee

principal Alpo Heiniluoma, tel. 040 533 6077