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The village of Taivalmaa is located on the border between the city of Kurika and the settlement of Peräseinäjoki, which is part of the city of Seinäjoki. It is 15 kilometers to the center of Jalasjärvi, 9 kilometers to Peräseinäjoki and 35 kilometers to Seinäjoki. The village is a traditional agricultural area, which, however, as farm sizes have increased, has turned into a comfortable place to live, from where you can go to work outside the village. There are just under 200 residents in the village, and there are also plenty of leisure apartments. A peaceful, warm-hearted community in the middle of diverse nature adds to the comfort of living.


The municipality's services are mostly in the center. In addition to agriculture, the village has e.g. earthmoving, mining, bus transport, furniture and metal industry companies, graphic design and computer maintenance company, car electrical and carriage maintenance, online tire shop and coffee machine dealership, and pet care. Taivaltupa offers space for party organizers.

Shared spaces and hobby opportunities

The Taivaltupa youth club is used by the villagers. In the village, there are swimming spots, ski slopes in winter and, of course, hiking opportunities in nature, with diverse fauna and birds.

Village events

Field trips, dinners, Easter dinners, village church service, summer event and excursions, little Christmas, Christmas carol evenings, karaoke and billiards evenings.

Associations operating in the area

In addition to the youth club, the Agricultural and Household Association, the Taivalmaa hunters' association and the diaconia village committee.

Construction sites

Plots are being sought for willing builders. Houses in habitable condition change hands quite well, but sometimes there is something available.

The strengths of the village

Cozy, peaceful living environment. A tight-knit village community with a talkative spirit. Plenty of jobs nearby, e.g. peat bogs, Vapo pellet factory and workshop, Kekkilä peat factory and greenhouse village.

Special features

The Tokerotie, built as an emergency relief work during the famine years of the 1860s, runs through the village. There used to be a kestikievari in the village. The history of the village has been collected in the book "Taivalmaa kylää kansissa".

The village's possibilities in the future

The profitability of agricultural entrepreneurship in the future. Keeping jobs in the local area. Preserving and strengthening the community spirit of the village. Activating the youth in village activities.

Good aspects of the village in terms of business operations

Good road connections. An open and helpful atmosphere. Services available nearby.

The most important areas for development

Reasonable solutions to the wastewater issue. Availability of city services, e.g. transport connections, care for the elderly, consideration of villages in the development of the municipality.

Taivalmaan Nuorisoseura ry

principal Pauli Antila, tel. 040 543 8651