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The village of Untamala is scenically beautiful, there are rocks, hills and small ponds, as well as open fields. The center of the village is clearly distinguished by the merits of the fields and dense population. The village is the northernmost village in the city of Seinäjoki. The distance to the center of Seinäjoki is about 40 km. The center of the village is located at the intersection of four roads. The distance to the center of Ylistaro is about 15 km. About 20 kilometers to the center of Isonkyrö, Ylihärmä and Vöyr.


School transport and day care services, Service taxi goes to the center of Ylistaro once a week. Mail is delivered to boxes on weekdays, Sunday newspapers are picked up from Yhteitalo.

Shared spaces and hobby opportunities

In the center of Untamala, there is a Yhteistalo owned by the village, where the villagers spend their free time in a variety of ways. The community hall is rented cheaply for various events. In the village, you can practice skills and art hobbies, for example weaving, choir singing and exercise. The village has a lighted tow track and track, a baseball field, an ice sports rink and the Lammi and Kokkokanka swimming spots. In winter, the women's sports club and the children's sähly club meet.

Associations operating in the area

Untamala village association and its women's committee, Untamala rural women, Untamala hunting club and Herättäjä's Untamala local chapter.

Village events

Every year Untamala organizes e.g. outdoor event for the whole family in the spring, Poutunranta evening marathon, winter dinners, Easter bonfire, May Day party, clubs on Mary's Day, Laavuretki, summer yard clubs, Christmas concert, Christmas vendors.

Construction sites

The village has free building sites and lots owned by private individuals.

The strengths of the village

Strong positive sense of community and commitment to cooperation. Versatile business activity and own water supply company. Versatile hobby and association activities. Good common facilities. Respect for basic values.

The possibilities of the village

Supporting and strengthening the living opportunities of young people and families with children in the village. Supporting and strengthening the village's versatile economic and business activities. Supporting the return migration of former villagers. Strengthening the alertness of the residents of the village.

Special features

The village is scenically beautiful and versatile - good, big and comfortable places to live are within reach. The village has two excellent beaches. The mental vitality of the village can be used in different ways, for example by supporting hobby activities.

Good aspects in terms of business operations

A strong small business culture already exists. Strong agricultural entrepreneurship specializing in different production directions. The road network extends to all sides of the village.

The most important areas for development

The development of the recently renovated Yhteistalo into a strong center of the village. Maintaining and developing hobby opportunities. Strengthening a positive and active village spirit. Maintaining the population of the village. The preservation of civic college districts and the establishment of new districts. Basic services still available as local services in the center of Ylistaro.

Updated on October 19, 2017

Untamala village association

principal Jaakko Lammi, tel. 050 562 5332

Shared house reservations
Dir. Pirkko Ekoluoma, tel. 050 538 9699

There is also a party house in the village

Are you planning to organize a party or event in the village? Check out the village party house that can be rented.