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Village planning

The village plan is an expression of will prepared by the villagers together on how to develop the village. In it, the actors of the village record the state of will they want to reach in the development of their village, as well as the means by which the goal is achieved. Joint planning is as important as the finished paper. However, the most important are the measures that the plan leads to.

Examples of village planning methods

  • Village survey (docs), paper or electronic. The survey can be used to gather information about the present, future wishes, the villagers' skills, willingness to participate, or to ask for feedback on, for example, the significance of an already implemented village project.
  • Gathering information and needs on a map-based basis or by photographing.
  • Village walks, during which considerations, needs and areas for improvement are recorded.
  • Village evenings, where residents are involved in sharing their wishes and needs with various group work methods. Village evenings can be done together village test, which includes a four-field analysis. The design process can also be continued by filling village planning workbook.

The village plan is being completed

The common needs of the village are recorded either in table or brochure format. A good rule of thumb is that of the structure of the written village plan, 15 % is history, 30 % current status, 50 % future and 5 % updating and monitoring information. It is good to remember that a tabular village plan also needs a short village presentation.

The main points of the village plan can be chosen:
  • the environment and the inhabitants
  • community engineering
  • services and free time
  • village activities


For each main item (including sub-items), the following is recorded:
  • goals
  • measures
  • implementation
  • quotation
  • schedule

The main points of the village plan should be enlarged as a poster on the wall of the village hall. This way, the goal cannot be forgotten even in everyday life. It is good to keep the entire plan visible in electronic form, for example on the village's website. A copy of it should also be sent to the municipality, Liiveri and other cooperating parties.

When drawing up the plan, you should also agree on monitoring: who will make the monitoring report, whether the plan will be updated annually, for example, in connection with the annual meeting of the village association, or whether the results and measures will be checked on some other schedule. 


Printable workbook

The Deliver to Kylille project village planning workbook in printable form. It was implemented as a summary based on the village planning workbook of the Hinku project.

Village security plan

Form base for the annually updated village safety plan.


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