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Speed to fiber optics

As far as Liiver is concerned, the project has ended.

The goal of the Velokyutuu sāmpia project is to make fiber optic available to as many companies and residents of southern Pöhli as possible. The project informs and activates villages and communities about the advantages and benefits brought by optical fiber and collects possible investment targets and started their search for funding.

Implementation period and area of operation of the project 

The scope of the project is the whole of South Ostrobothnia and especially those areas where the coverage of the fiber optic network is poor. 

The implementation period of the project is 1.2.2021-31.12.2023 and its budget was €279,400. The EU Rural Development Fund's share of the budget is €117,348 and the Finnish state's share is €162,052. The project was financed from the financial framework of the South Ostrobothnia ELY Center. The project is managed by Liiveri, it was implemented by Liiveri and Aisapari ry.

Optical fiber guarantees ultra-fast data transmission in the future as well

In a video, Mikko Ojainväli talks about the benefits and possibilities of fiber optics.