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Kehittämishydistys Liiveri ry is a local developer of the Seinäjoki, Ilmajoki and Jalasjärvi area, which cooperates with the residents of the area, with companies and public organizations. The main part of Liiver's activities is to act as a local Leader group, to highlight and finance grassroots needs and wishes for rural development. Liiveri has been operating since 1997. 

What is Leader?  

Leader is action, advice and funding for the good of the community. The Leader groups are part of the European Union's rural development program, which aims to promote sustainable development and strengthen the vitality of rural areas across Europe. Locally operating groups finance various development projects and also offer advice and guidance in matters related to entrepreneurship. The goal of the Leader groups is to promote local entrepreneurship and sustainable development and to improve the region's vitality and attractiveness.

Leader principles in a nutshell

• Local partnership
• Regionality
• Diversity
• Innovativeness
• Networking
• From down to up
• Interregional and international cooperation

Leader groups in Finland

There are 53 Leader groups in Finland and there are more than 3,000 Leader groups in the EU. The Leader principles guide the activities of Liiver and other Leader groups.

The book collection LEADER comes from the French words Liaison Entre Actions de Développement l'Économie Rurale, which means network for rural economic development. 

Aidan rakennus.


What else does Liiveri do?

In addition to Leader activities, Liiveri develops the region itself, e.g. in relation to the development of villages, internationality and youth activities. Liver Roots and wings strategy for the years 2023–2027 was assessed as excellent. Thanks to that, the resources for local development remain at the previous level. Around one million euros in funding is channeled through us to local people every year for companies and to communities. The money does not support operations, but enables new openings and the desire to grow local companies.


This is how Liiveri works

Liver employees advise on the development of ideas and prepare project applications together with the applicant. Government decides on financed projects and business subsidies in meetings organized almost monthly. The Finnish Leader activity is rated at the top of the EU countries, and one of the success factors lies in the government's triumvirate. The work is successful because the public, private and third sectors have been brought to the same table. Leader activities are neighborhood democracy at its best, because in addition to advice, decisions are made close to the residents of the area.

Anyone who wants to develop their own living environment can contact Liiver. Whether it's improving hobby opportunities or developing livelihoods, we help local residents and operators move forward with development needs. The needs have also been met, because in the past 25 years, more than 20,000 development ideas have been implemented with the help of Leader activities. In addition to implementing and participating in projects, residents can participate in Liiver's activities by becoming members of the association.

Liiveri´s diploma

Liiveri annually awards a diploma for exemplary development work. The aim of the diploma is to highlight the work and activities carried out in the projects, from which others can also learn.

In the photo, 2024 diploma recipient Tiina Ventelä.

Diploma recipients:
  • 2024 Skilled rural entrepreneur: Tiina Ventelä, Audittila Oy
  • 2023 Community builders: District community
  • 2022 Ideas for implementation: Eero-Pekka Hautamäki
  • 2021 Boldly for growth: Tiia and Ilkka Hanhisalo
  • 2020 Innovative developer: Asko Istolahti
  • 2019 Together: Special Housewives
  • 2018 Proudly local: Mukula ry
  • 2017 Insights into the new: Huttaroo Oy
  • 2016 From a young age: Päivi Alaniska
  • 2015 Cooperation leads to results: Jalasjärvi villages
  • 2014 Service innovators: Miira Häggblom and Laura Laukka, Vihreä Willa Oy
  • 2013 Broad-minded developer: Tarmo Vuorenmaa
  • 2012 Enabler of experiences: Hannu Salo
  • 2011 Featured author: Anna Granlund


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