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Development strategy

Roots and wings - Liiveri's strategy 2023–2027

Development association Liiveri ry's Juuret ja siivet strategy guides local development in the Seinäjoki, Ilmajoki and Kurikan Jalasjärvi areas in the years 2023–2027. According to the strategy, Liiver's vision is to be an innovative region proud of its culture, with room for the future. Communities, companies and young people fall in love again and again with the magical power of local development and give wings to their dreams. In accordance with its values, Liiveri wants, among other things, to be an inspiring and renewing network operator. Local needs guide multidisciplinary activities.

Liiver's board chooses the projects to be financed so that they support the development strategy. The government scores the projects selection criteria through. 

What is being developed?

The strategy has four focal points


To flourish by renewing, keys to doing things together


Dare and you will succeed, power to the engines of success


You have a future,
let's do it together


Don't pour into the ditch, towards
new with information and cooperation

The focus is on cross-cutting themes, which are know-how, innovations, digitalization, climate and environmental measures, and internationality.

Each focus consists of its own sub-goals. The community focus focuses on the renovation and use of common spaces and the strength of cooperation and community. It promotes emigration and extensive renewal and renewal. With the company focus, start-up companies are helped to get off to a strong start and the renewal of existing companies. In addition, it seeks the flow of cooperation and encourages the utilization of new business opportunities.

The Nuori focal point encourages young people to make their voices heard and work for the development of the region. It offers climate hope and opportunities for self-earning. Cooperation across borders is part of the Nuori focus. The learning focus is a new step in Liiver's strategy compared to previous strategies. The emphasis is on encouraging bold experimentation, utilizing knowledge in action, and learning new things. Educational institutions and knowledge-intensive organizations in the region play a strong role as co-operators in the local implementation of the focus.

How many resources?

EUR 8.7 million of Leader funding is available for the implementation of the Roots and Wings strategy. The financing consists of the EU, the state, and the municipalities of the region, as well as the own financing of the implementers of project and business grants. The share of other funding for implementing the strategy is 1.5 million euros, and this can be e.g. Citizens' Europe, Erasmus+ or Regional and Structural Policy funding. The total amount of financing includes private financing.

How was the strategy prepared?

Residents and operators of the area have actively participated in the drafting of the new strategy. You have been able to participate, for example, through the Ideoita euroille social campaign and its events, other opportunities and events, surveys, expert work and meetings. Active participation predicts a strong commitment to implementing the strategy. Liiver's previous development work is the basis of the new strategy.

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