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Young people

Liiveri increases opportunities for young people to influence, encourages young people to participate in local development and create new things, and to go international.

The participating young people project has developed opportunities for young people to influence in the Liiver region. Starting in autumn 2021, Youth Leader support for young entrepreneurship has been granted in Liiver, international study trips (SaYouth study trips and Erasmus+ project with Skaraborg) and a local seminar and international youth camp in August 2022 have been implemented.

Youth Leader groups

Implement joint ideas!

Youth Leader companies

Create your dream job for yourself!

Youth Division

Participate and make an impact!


Liiveri implements study tours and finances projects aimed at internationalization. 

Are you interested in Nuoriso-Leader or do you want to join the activity?

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What does Liiveri do with everything related to young people?

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