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Skaraborg collaboration

Liiveri encourages internationalization. Even exchanging experiences brings new ideas and courage to do one's own thing. Liiveri has cooperated closely with the Swedish Leader Östra Skaraborg for several years in connection with various themes. Take a look at the examples below and contact Liiver if you are interested in internationality and especially the Östra Skaraborg area in Sweden!


New enthusiasm for entrepreneurship

Read about the study tours of entrepreneurs in the Liiver region in the Östra Skaraborg region in the Liiver brochure.

Internationality for young people and youth workers

The international Youth Camp for the young people of Skaraborg and Liiver was organized in Ilmajoki in August 2022. At the camp, the young people got to know e.g. The Leade work carried out in the Liiver area and the implemented Youth Leader projects.

Liiver and Seinäjoki youth services study trip to Leader Östra Skaraborg 3.–7.10.2022. During the study trip, we got to know the youth work in the Östra Skaraborg area. The themes of the trip were digital youth work and the well-being and participation of young people. Visiting destinations and themes include local youth centers, youth work in schools, and youth counseling and welfare services. The study trip was part of the Erasmus+ project, the purpose of which is e.g. exchange good practices and network with Swedish youth workers. The study trip was implemented with Erasmus+ funding and was selected as a Good practices example project.  

Liiver's youth division's participation in the Young rural Camp organized by the Swedish Leader groups on May 4-7, 2023 in Lysekil, Sweden. At the camp, we got to know the influence opportunities for young people, such as the activities of youth councils and the differences between Sweden's and Finland's Youth Leader activities.