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Youth Leader support for young entrepreneurship

Liiveri grants youth money to young entrepreneurs in Ilmajoki, Seinäjoki and Jalasjärvi or those who want to become one.

Support applicant:

  • The applicant is between 13 and 25 years old
  • 4H company, NY company, small business owner, business name or person
  • The applicant's domicile is in the Liiver region or business activities are carried out from the region.
Porukka ylävitoset.
Nuori yrittäjä.

For what purpose can entrepreneurship support be applied for?

  • For small equipment purchases, renovation works or other investments related to the start-up or development of operations
  • For purchasing purchase services, for example marketing, training, communication or product development

More than 110 completed Youth Leader projects!

Good to know about youth money

  • The idea has novelty value
  • The project increases the skills of the young person/entrepreneur
  • The activity promotes cooperation and networking
  • The plan has taken into account aspects relevant to the operation (e.g. possible permits and other legal issues)
  • business support is granted at a maximum of 500 euros
  • Liiver's support is a maximum of 90 % of the project's costs
  • For example, if you are purchasing computer software costing 300 euros, Liiveri will pay 270 euros to your account in advance. The remaining 30 euros is needed from your own money.

Applying is simple, fast and easy, just fill in the electronic application form. The link to the application can be found at the bottom of the page.

Applications can be submitted at any time. Liiver's business division processes the received applications in its meetings. Meetings are usually organized monthly.

Liiver's business division evaluates the applications and makes a decision on which applications will receive money. If your application gets a positive funding decision, the money will be paid into your account after about two weeks.

When the project is implemented, we will tell you about it electronic reporting through.

Applying is simple, fast and easy,
just fill in the electronic application form!

Get to know Nuoriso-Leader first to the rules.

A tablet computer for creating digital art

In the video, Tahiti Alanko explains how she applied for Nuoriso-Leader support so that she could also offer digital art in her company. 

Do you have questions about applying?

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Sanna Pihlaja

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