Seinäjoki Ilmajoki Jalasjärvi

Canoe to Tsangon's Talvikkie patrol lodge in Soukallejoki

With Nuoriso-Leader support, a canoe will be purchased for Tasangon Talvikit RY's patrol house in Soukallejoki, on the banks of Friskinkoski and Friskinlammi. The patrol house will be renovated in the summer-autumn of 2024 and a pier will be built there, as well as a beach where it is possible to go canoeing.

Electric guitar for the noob

We get a used electric guitar and order the necessary accessories. Young people are interested in music and playing together. The electric guitar in the band room of the Pohja youth center allows you to play in new bands and get to know new friends through playing.

HipHop – Tansku

Hiphop-Tansku-tapahtuman tavoitteena on tarjota nuorille mielekästä ajanvietettä, joka sisältää toiminnallisia ehkäisevän päihdetyön menetelmiä nuorten hyvinvoinnin tukemiseksi. Lisäksi tapahtumalla pyritään madaltamaan kynnystä ottaa yhteyttä tapahtumassa mukana oleviin tahoihin, jotka voivat tukea nuoria päihteisiin tai hyvinvointiin liittyvissä kysymyksissä. Tapahtumassa on mm. graffitien maalausta, hiphop tanssin opetusta, ehkäisevään päihdetyöhön ja seksuaaliterveyteen liittyviä työpajoja 5 kappaletta. Illan päättää paikallinen […]

Jymy's young coaches

The purpose is to train young coaches. Young coaches gather at coach meetings to train and learn new things. In addition, meetings are organized for young coaches, where they can exchange ideas and experiences about coaching. Otherwise, the training of young people to become coaches takes place in everyday life, when coaching groups and teams. With Nuoriso-Leader support, training equipment is purchased that can be used in training. The training equipment is used by all the club's teams, i.e. more than 250 enthusiasts.

At the home games kiosk, money for the team's activities

The Jalas T14-T15 teams of Jalasjärvi play their home games at the Kiuaskallio athletics field. On the field is the kiosk building of Jalasjärvi Jalas, where a kiosk is kept during home matches. The kiosk for home matches enables convenient fundraising for the team. A grill was purchased for the kiosk with Nuoriso-Leader support. The grill will be available to all teams and groups using the kiosk.

Bilis Sedu!

The young people received support for the purchase of a pool table. Together, young people are thinking about adding joint activities to the space of free time. The pool table was seen as a good way to offer everyone a good and social hobby.

SeAMK spec

SeAMK speksi was organized in February-March 2024 at Seinäjoki Youth Center. Speks is a university tradition that combines student culture, theater, improvisation and music. The most important goal of Speks is to increase the sense of community at SeAMK. Doing and experiencing things together make it possible to bring different fields of education together in a unique way. Speks' working group consisted of students and staff from different fields of SeAMK, and Kutu ry was the background organization. Nuoriso-Leader support was used for the rental costs of the performance space.

Evening supplement: Side program for Rytmikorjaamo's concerts

The student group organizes a side program for Rytmikorjaamo's spring 2024 events. According to the plan, the concerts will include, for example, a flash mob, a dance cam, a living work of art using spray paint, and various quizzes where you can win small prizes. Rytmikoreamao will be decorated to match the theme of the evening with various decorations. Ancillary programs are meant to surprise and cheer up gig-goers and create a gig experience 2.0 for customers. With Nuoriso-Leader support, accessories are purchased.

PS5 for the house

With Nuoriso-Leader support, a PS 5 game console and games were purchased for Kenu's kid. The project wanted more things to do, joy, experiences, with that we get to compete together, play new games and get more things to do together. The project also enables the organization of lanes and streams in the future.

Voices heard

With Nuoriso-Leader support, portable belt speakers/audio reproduction are purchased for 4H club leaders or other organizers of 4H events. Sound reproduction devices can be used in large halls, camps, discos, events, presentations and plays. The idea started from the fact that in large halls and outdoor spaces where there are many children and young people, it is difficult to get a voice heard.