Seinäjoki Ilmajoki Jalasjärvi

Sofas for a youth center

The old couches looked worn. Sitting on them was partly dangerous, because they are scattered in some places so that there are gaps. The sofas are located in the block of the youth building, where the purpose is to relax and spend time with a couple of friends away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house. The space is also used for meetings between counselors and young people, which makes the comfort of the space even more important. With Nuoriso-Leader support, a new […]

Improving team spirit with music

In the project, a high-quality and durable speaker was acquired. The loudspeaker is used during the initial and final heats to cheer up the players and spectators.  

From the basement to use - break room

The school lacks a comfortable recess space. The space should have sofas, charging points, games and other things to do. It is also possible to stay in the space to talk with the youth counselors. The space would also be used by middle school support students and the board of the student union for their meetings. The school found a basement space, an old gym which is empty and the students would like to use the space as an idea of the students. The Lataamo idea came from young people, when the phone is always running out of battery, and themselves […]

Ice cream spring

The students have been selling products at the school kiosk for half a year and noticed that it would be good to sell cold products as well. In the project, a refrigerator/freezer was purchased with Nuoriso-Leader support, and with it, for example, ice creams could be sold. The entire school community benefits from the freezer.

Game nights for Tuomiaho's noobs

In the project, a PS 5 game console and various games were acquired for Tuomiaho's noobs. Game nights are organized for young people at Nuoppar.

Repair the youth facilities at the youth center

The youth club of Luopajärvi decided together with the young people of the village to realize a space for young people in the back room of the youth club building, which is a storage space. In the farm, young people from the village of Luopajärvi can come and spend time together under the supervision of adults. There is no meeting place for young people in Luopajärvi, so the project is necessary and completely new. With Nuoriso-Leader support, a game console, television, speaker, two game controllers and game console games were purchased for the space.

Games and accessories for the Pomeco gaming event

In the project, a game console, various games, craft tools needed for making fan art and materials suitable for cosplay, such as fabrics, ribbons and buttons, were acquired for the Pomecon event for the Etelä-Ostrobothnia college. These games and other supplies will remain after the event for the students of Etelä-Ostrobothnia College to use as a hobby. The project enables like-minded game enthusiasts to get to know each other and network for the future at a game and cosplay event, so that the game hobby can continue even after Pomecon.

Electric guitars for tinkerers

The project aims to purchase two electric guitars for the youth center with the help of Nuoriso-Leader money, which are freely available to visitors.

Horse event, stick horse races

The purpose of the project is to make it possible to use Nuoriso-Leader money to purchase stick horse harnesses and cones and thus organize competitions for young people.

Stage dance course

In the project, with the help of Nuoriso-Leader money, a stage dance course was organized, the costs consisted of the dance teacher's fee and space rent.