Seinäjoki Ilmajoki Jalasjärvi

Frisbee golf course for the village hall

In the project, with the help of Nuoriso-Leader money, a frisbee golf course was built for the village hall, which is free for everyone to use. The purpose was to organize a playful frisbee golf tournament on the course.

Sports equipment for half-time exercise

The project aimed to improve after-school exercise by acquiring new sports equipment with Nuoriso-Leader funding. The Student Union Board started holding recess activities with the teachers in charge, which proved to be popular. The results were visible in the children's eagerness to move and act as guides for other students.

Smash Bones Skate Jam

In the project, the Smash Bones Skate Jam, a new skate and music event organized at Rytmikorjaamo, was financed with Nuoriso-Leader money. In addition to Leader, money for the event was granted by SKR.

Compak track wireless transmitter and receivers

In the project, a wireless radio transmitter and four receivers were purchased for the compak range of the Ylistaro lakeside shooting sports center with Nuoriso-Leader funding. The acquisitions significantly reduce the time required for preparation before training, when there is no longer a need to water the wires against the ground. In addition, you no longer have to worry about whether one of the bullets will hit the electrical wires.