Seinäjoki Ilmajoki Jalasjärvi

Development of the student lounge

In the project, together with the student section and SOSSU ry, the development of the student living room at Kampustalo was considered, for the development of which we also received some support from the school. The students had received feedback about the inadequacy of the existing refrigerator and microwaves, and with the Youth Leader funding, it was decided to purchase one large refrigerator and two microwaves. The students were satisfied with the development of the space and the comfort level at Kampustalo increased.

The Green Flag Council of Nurmo Middle School

The project aimed to improve the recycling practices of Nurmo middle school students. The project was part of the school's Green Flag project and the Erasmus+ internationalization project. With the received Youth Leader funding, a recycling bin was purchased for the school's corridor, and in addition, recycling issues were communicated by making posters, holding morning meetings related to the topic, and by preparing waste sorting instructions for students and teachers.