Seinäjoki Ilmajoki Jalasjärvi

Welding machine for box wheels

With Nuoriso-Leader support, welding equipment was purchased so that the entrepreneur can start developing and manufacturing his own box bike with a steel frame. The project enables a business experiment, where it is tested whether the development, manufacture and sale of a box bike would be successful. At the beginning, the business idea is to manufacture cargo bikes, the first version of which is a box bike.

Game nights for Tuomiaho's noobs

In the project, a PS 5 game console and various games were acquired for Tuomiaho's noobs. Game nights are organized for young people at Nuoppar.

The first steps of a cleaning company

The young entrepreneur offers cleaning services and interlacing for cattle farms and horse stables. Cleaning tools and supplies were purchased with the support of the Youth Leader.

Repair the youth facilities at the youth center

The youth club of Luopajärvi decided together with the young people of the village to realize a space for young people in the back room of the youth club building, which is a storage space. In the farm, young people from the village of Luopajärvi can come and spend time together under the supervision of adults. There is no meeting place for young people in Luopajärvi, so the project is necessary and completely new. With Nuoriso-Leader support, a game console, television, speaker, two game controllers and game console games were purchased for the space.

Games and accessories for the Pomeco gaming event

In the project, a game console, various games, craft tools needed for making fan art and materials suitable for cosplay, such as fabrics, ribbons and buttons, were acquired for the Pomecon event for the Etelä-Ostrobothnia college. These games and other supplies will remain after the event for the students of Etelä-Ostrobothnia College to use as a hobby. The project enables like-minded game enthusiasts to get to know each other and network for the future at a game and cosplay event, so that the game hobby can continue even after Pomecon.

Carpet Merchant

In the project, Youth Leader money has been granted to support the equipment purchases of a young entrepreneur offering carpets. The equipment to be purchased is a tufting machine, a carpet trimmer, a projector and a thread winder.

Electric guitars for tinkerers

The project aims to purchase two electric guitars for the youth center with the help of Nuoriso-Leader money, which are freely available to visitors.

Horse event, stick horse races

The purpose of the project is to make it possible to use Nuoriso-Leader money to purchase stick horse harnesses and cones and thus organize competitions for young people.


In the project, Nuoriso-Leader money supports the company's equipment acquisitions, which enable the provision of a car washing service. Future acquisitions include a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, pressure washer, drying cloths, washing gloves, spray bottle, rim cleaning brushes, brush set and hair removal brush.

Lashes by Sonja

In the project, Nuoriso-Leader money will be used to support the training of a young entrepreneur as an eyelash technician.