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Are you dreaming of a nearby gym? Are you dreaming of starting a new type of activity in your association? Many kinds of ideas are implemented with Leader projects - thanks to them, your dream can become a reality! 

There is always a need behind Leader projects. Local people know best how to develop their own residential area, and the Leader funding from the EU's Rural Development Fund offers a tool to fulfill these needs. 

We finance development projects of general interest, which are tools for implementing some new idea. With the help of development projects, it is not possible to maintain the normal operation of associations. The project's actions must be open and they must target as many people as possible.

Be at a low threshold for us at Liiveri. We are here for you! We help in matters related to development activities and are helpful and supportive throughout the entire project process. 

Where can I apply for funding?

Leader funding is intended for local development and can be granted, for example, for investments, start-up and development. For example, projects can:

  • for the development of residents' services
  • to improve comfort
  • for developing villages and bringing activities to villages
  • for the promotion of local culture

You can see examples of completed projects by scrolling down the page. 


Who can apply for funding?

  • registered associations
  • educational institutions
  • foundations
  • municipalities and other public law entities

What is a good project?

  • The project has a clear need and it will bring about long-term change
  • The goals are realistic and concrete
  • The project has a carefully prepared cost estimate
  • There is a sufficient number of people implementing the project
  • Scheduling and resources to implement the project are considered in the planning phase
  • The results are measurable
  • The project will be communicated during it and after the end of the project

Liiveri´s region

Liiveri's operating area includes Ilmajoki, Kurikan Jalasjärvi and Seinäjoki.

The center of Seinäjoki we do not finance projects in the area.

Kartta, jossa Liiverin toiminta-alue, karttaan merkitty Ilmajoella sijaitseva Liiverin toimisto.

This is how you apply for a project!


Take contact

When you have an idea, contact Liiveri. Let's discuss together how to proceed.


Prepare a plan

Find out and define the need for the project. Involve the necessary parties in the planning. Prepare a project plan, cost estimate and financing plan. Consider the selection criteria in the design.


Fill out the application in Hyrrä

Fill out the application in the electronic transaction service and add the necessary attachments. If necessary, we advise on filling out the application. The project may not be started until the application has been sent to Hyrrä.


Decision processing

Liiveri's board of directors processes the application and makes a decision on it. After that, the application is sent to the ELY center, where it is checked for legality and an official decision is made.


Implementation of the project

Get to know Hyrrä's decision. When the project starts, a joint kick-off meeting will be held. Implement the project according to the plan and deadlines. In case of possible changes, contact Liiveri in advance. Don't forget to post about the project too!


Applying for payment

The decision contains instructions for applying for payment. Payment is requested in Hyrrä. If you have any questions, contact Liiveri.

Get to know Liiveri's financing options

Are you planning a project?

Get in touch with Telle!
Telle Lemetyinen.

Telle Lemetyinen

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