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International projects

The Leader operating method originates from the European Union and emphasizes learning from others and the exchange of experience and knowledge. Leader groups finance international projects and increase international cooperation in their regions. Liiveri is one of Finland's 53 Leader groups and there are more than 3,000 Leader groups in Europe.

Liiveri wants to support the internationalization of the region by granting support to small and large projects that promote internationalization. In addition, Liiveri itself is involved in international networks and projects, and offers opportunities for internationalization to the residents and operators of the area through them.

We promote the internationalization of communities and companies in the region, e.g. in the following ways:

  • making study trips possible
  • promotion of domestic internationalization
  • youth exchanges
  • creating and utilizing networks
  • supporting export launch

About applying for projects

With small Leader projects, you can e.g. take a study trip abroad. The budget of such projects can be 2,000–8,000 €, from which a maximum of 90 % support is granted. The maximum support for larger projects is €120,000. With the support, you can carry out a development project with international cooperation with another actor and local actions. For the preparation of such a larger international project, you can apply for preparation money from the rural network.

Read more about applying for projects From the Development page. If you have an idea for an international project, contact Liiver, we will help you move forward with the idea.

Liiveri works closely with Swedish Leader Östra Skaraborg. On request, we organize e.g. company visits. This network can also be used by operators in our region.


Useful links related to preparation

Project types

Projects can be implemented either as small projects or as development projects. The employees of Liiveri help to choose the appropriate type of project.


(Check the search for project forms in Liveri)

Small projects
  • Budget 2000-8000 €
  • Support percentage max 90 %
  • E.g. for a familiarization trip

International projects

  • Support max €120,000 for operations in the Liiveri region
  • Support percentage max 90 %
  • Funding for the preparation of the project, e.g. from the Rural Network

Are you planning a project?

Get in touch with Telle!
Telle Lemetyinen.

Telle Lemetyinen

040 579 0615

Examples of internationality

Liiveri's Internationalization for the Villages videos highlight the internationalization possibilities of the Liiveri region. See examples of international projects in which Liiveri is involved.

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