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Reports and plans

Communication projects the target group is a wider group of residents than in educational projects. The goal is to increase knowledge and skills, e.g. climate and environmental issues, renewable energy and circular economy, and natural diversity. The projects bring the latest research data to use. They increase the expertise and cooperation of communities to develop new solutions and operating models. Producer organizations are mentioned as an example. The maximum support for information transmission projects is €120,000 and the support percentage is 90.

Information dissemination projects can also be used to prepare and update preliminary studies of rural services, feasibility studies and protection, management and use plans for areas with important natural values. Reports and plans the maximum budget is €12,000 and the support percentage is 100 %. The project must be done together with a partner. Consider the project's temporary financing in connection with the project preparation.

You can also apply from Liiveri preparation money  for example, to establish a business or farmer group or to promote the Smart Villages project. The budget for preparation money is €5,000.

You can also apply for support from the rural network for the preparation of an international project.

Read more about applying for and implementing a project and paying for project support on the Development page.


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Project types

Communication activities are larger projects or detailed reports and plans.

  • Support max €120,000
  • Support percentage 90 %

Reports and plans

  • Budget max €12,000
  • Support percentage max 100 %
  • Partnership required

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