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A start-up company

Courage is needed to establish companies in new industries, new earning models and internationalization. Every new and functioning company is important for the local economy. The change of ownership of companies must also be accelerated, because with the implementation of the change of ownership, good rural companies will get a successor and the operation will develop. We want to encourage entrepreneurs to seize new business opportunities and support the diversification of the economic structure. 

Who can receive start-up entrepreneur support?

  • Your goal can be either part-time or full-time entrepreneurship.
  • Some of the subsidies are intended for individuals to apply for and some for micro-enterprises.
  • Entrepreneurship through a change of ownership can also be a viable option for becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Seinäjoki city center area is not eligible.

For what purpose can you get subsidies?

  • For investments, for example buildings, machines, equipment, intangible investments and energy investments
  • For starting a business
  • For business development
  • For change of ownership

All supports for a starting entrepreneur

Why should you use expert services in the early stages of business operations?

Entrepreneurs Jarkko Loima (Riverside Solutions Oy) and Anu Kohtamäki (HENUA Organics Oy) acquire expert knowledge, e.g. branding and internationalization of products. In the video, the entrepreneurs talk about their experiences and why it was important for their companies to use expert services.

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