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Development support

Sometimes it's good to get help with planning related to starting a business. This support is intended for the acquisition of expert services and the creation and refinement of a business plan. There are two options for planning: pdesign package €1,000 (no social security number yet) and yearpreparation package €2,000. You can get both subsidies only once.

Design package 

1 000 €

  • No social security number yet.
  • For expert services, for making a business plan.
  • In the application, the idea and with whom the business idea is discussed.
  • 1–2 days of expert services.

Preparation package

 2 000 €

  • The Y-ID has been acquired, the company has been established.
  • For expert services: finalizing a business plan, planning investments, making calculations, preparing a grant application.
  • 2–3 days of expert services.

Who can apply?

  • Start-up and operating companies
  • Farm-connected and agricultural primary processors
  • Part-time and full-time entrepreneurs

Applying for support

Applying for payment

Development subsidies are standardized lump sum projects. They are requested for payment by showing that the planned actions have been carried out. This can happen, for example, with reports, photos and resulting plans.

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Free advice on starting a business

A variety of help is available for a starting entrepreneur. When you are planning entrepreneurship, contact your municipality's business center or Uusyrityskeskus:

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