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Starting a business through a change of ownership

Buying a company can be a viable option for starting a business. By buying, you can get started much faster, and many steps related to the initial phase have already been done. However, buying requires expertise and with this support we can offer it. However, the condition is that you are planning to buy a company in a core or sparsely populated rural area. 

Support for a buyer planning to buy a company

The amount of the support is €2,500 or €5,000

  • No social security number yet.
  • Expert services are supported: for example, determining the value of the company to be purchased, participating in acquisition negotiations, financial planning.
  • A maximum of €5,000 can be granted to a successful applicant, which means you can apply for support of €2,500 twice or €5,000 once.
  • The location of the company to be purchased must be known when applying and it must be located in a sparsely populated or core rural area.

Who can apply?

  • Start-up and operating companies
  • Farm-connected and agricultural primary processors
  • Part-time and full-time entrepreneurs

Applying for support

  • Business subsidies are applied for electronically In the Hyrrä system.
  • Get to know to the selection criteria before making the application
  • In order to apply, you need a project plan, i.e. what actions are going to be taken and what they will cost.

Applying for payment

Support for the change of ownership is a standardized lump sum. It is requested for payment by proving that the planned actions have been carried out. This can happen, for example, with reports and the resulting plans.


Get to know the materials of the national change of ownership week held at the beginning of November.

The advice is intended for entrepreneurs who are planning to buy, sell or change the generation of a company, and for people who are planning to start a business, and it is free of charge for the customer.

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