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Green enthusiasm and cooperation:
Female entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses

The GENGREEN project focusing on green female entrepreneurship has started at the beginning of January. The goal of the project is to support a total of 50 female entrepreneurs in Southern and Central Ostrobothnia, Lapland, Norbotten, Tromsø and Finnmark. The project is implemented with the support of the Interreg Aurora program, which offers funding opportunities for cross-border cooperation in northern Europe in the area of Sweden, Finland and Norway.

The GENGREEN project invites all women entrepreneurs in the region – including Sámi women and immigrants – to join in building a sustainable and successful business. The focus of the project is on creating networks, sharing information and developing synergies between participating companies. The goal is realized by utilizing various methods, including the Living Lab concept, joint training modules, workshops, field visits and webinars. Companies participating in the project can expect versatile opportunities for cooperation, learning and business development.

Senior researcher and project manager at the Ruralia Institute of the University of Helsinki Silvia Gaiani considers it important to focus specifically on female entrepreneurship:

— In Finland and other Nordic countries, there is still a gap between male and female entrepreneurs, which is caused by many factors, such as gender differences in entrepreneurial motives and the number and extent of obstacles that women face in terms of access to finance and networks. In addition, female entrepreneurs face more challenges than men when starting a new business, as they have to reconcile family expectations, personal life and the risks of doing business at the same time.

The implementation of the project emphasizes cross-border cooperation, which aims to strengthen sustainable female entrepreneurship on a broad Nordic level. Gaiani emphasizes the main goals of the project:

— Our goal is to promote sustainable business practices, promote commitment to local communities and society, and develop sustainable business solutions. In addition, we aim to increase social and economic benefits in local communities. The primary target group are companies that intend to become entrepreneurs, companies in the development phase and entrepreneurs who strive to steer their companies towards sustainable business practices.

There are 9 implementation partners involved in the project; 6 from Finland (Helsinki University's Ruralia Institute, Into Seinäjoki, Lapland AMK, Centria University of Applied Sciences, Municipality of Inari and Kehittämisyhdistys Liiveri), 2 from Norway (innovation center ICE Kirkenes and Arctic economic council) and one from Sweden (Luleå tekniska universitet).

The official website, Facebook and Instagram account of the GENGREEN project will be launched during the spring. You can find GENGREEN too from LinkedIn.



Were you interested? You can sign up for the list, and we will keep you informed about the progress of the project.

Were you interested?

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