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Experimental support for agriculture

The aid is intended for activities for which actual agricultural subsidies are not granted, but which are nonetheless primary agricultural production.
The goal of the experiment is to produce significant new information related to the idea being developed. The experiment can be done on a farm or, for example, in a rented field. 
The goal is to find crops and methods of operation for agriculture of the future.

For what purpose can you get support?

With the trial support, you can try new plants, new cultivation methods, new production methods in livestock production, new sales channels or new work methods

Support can be used, for example:

  • expert services
  • for rent (land, premises, machinery and equipment)
  • materials and supplies
  • for trips
  • for training and coaching

Who can receive agricultural experimental support?

  • Support can be received by a farm, company, cooperative or business name.
  • The beneficiary must have a social security number

How much support can you get?

  • support depending on the scope of the experiment €2,500 / €5,000 / €7,500.
  • a maximum of €7,500 can be granted to the same applicant during the season

Applying for support

Applying for payment

Agricultural trial support is a standardized one-off payment. It is requested for payment by proving that the planned actions have been carried out. This can happen, for example, with reports, photos and resulting plans.

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