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Investment support for a functioning company

Investment support enables your company to invest in a higher quality, faster or more extensive way than without support. With the investment, the company's operations develop, new jobs or new services are created in the area. 

Where can investment support be obtained?

  • For construction, renovation or acquisition of buildings.
  • For the purchase of machines and other fixed assets.
  • For intangible investments, such as software, patents or manufacturing rights and intangible fixed assets.
Energy investment:
  • Support 30 %, only core and sparsely populated countryside.
  • For a full-time company.
  • For changing the form of energy to renewable energy, increasing the company's use of renewable energy and improving energy and material efficiency in the company.

How much support can you get?

The supported budget of the investment project can be €5,000–€100,000. Live support is 20–30 % of the investment project's costs. The amount of support is affected by the location of the company (investment). The company's own financing is needed for the remaining 70–80 %.

For investments over €100,000, you can also ask for support from the ELY center.


Who can apply?

  • Start-up and operating companies
  • Farm-connected and agricultural primary processors
  • Part-time and full-time entrepreneurs

Applying for support

Are you considering an investment, but wondering how it would make sense to implement it?

Before making the investment, you can also apply for support for the investment for planning. This support is intended for the purchase of expert services for making an investment and financing plan. You can apply for planning yearpreparation package €2,000.

Applying for payment

Payment of subsidies is requested against the measures implemented in Hyrrä.

If you have received a positive business support decision between 2014 and 2022, you will find instructions for preparing a payment application From the website of the Food Agency.

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