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Farmer group development project

The farmer group includes 3–10 farms that develop their operations together. In addition, farm-specific measures can be taken. Both economic and social cooperation of farmers is important.

Where can I get support?

  • For example, the development of work and production cooperation 
  • The projects aim to benefit from cooperation in the form of cost savings, introduction of innovations and learning.
  • Companies cannot be recipients of support in the farmer group project

Who can apply?

  • A development company, municipality, educational institution or other organization can apply for the farmer group project is responsible for temporary financing and project management. 
  • The farmer group project is intended for farms.
  • The project is put together together with the farmers and the project administrator
  • You can apply for preparation money of €5,000 to assemble a group of farmers and make a plan.

How much support can you get?

Support for a development project can be a maximum of €120,000. Liveri pays 75 % of the project's costs. The remaining 25 % are required to be self-financed by the farms.

Applying for support

Applying for payment

Payment of subsidies is applied for in Hyrrä.

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