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Youth Leader rules

Please read the rules before submitting an application.

Youth Leader's goals in Liiver

• Get young people involved in development work
• Offer young people ways to influence their living environment and comfort
• Encourages young people to become entrepreneurs

Who can apply

Liiveri grants support (=youth money) to the projects of young groups in the Ilmajoki, Jalasjärvi and Seinäjoki areas, as well as
to entrepreneurship.

Young entrepreneurship

• The applicant is between 13 and 25 years old
• 4H company, NY company, small business owner or individual
• The applicant's domicile is in the Liiver region or business activities are carried out from the region.

For what purpose you can apply for entrepreneurship support

• For small equipment purchases, renovation works or other investments related to starting/developing operations
• For purchasing purchase services, for example marketing, training, communication or product development

Factors influencing the choice

• The idea has novelty value
• The project increases the skills of the young person/entrepreneur
• The activity promotes cooperation and networking
• The plan has taken into account aspects relevant to the operation (e.g. possible permits and other legal issues)

Mandatory selection criteria are applied in the evaluation of Nuoriso-Leader's entrepreneurship grants

• The project is realistic and feasible
• The applicant has the financial and operational abilities to implement the project
• The benefits or results of the project are directed to the area of the Leader group
• The outputs and inputs of the project are proportionate

Restrictions and conditions

Support is not granted for costs incurred before submitting the application. You can start the operation at your own risk when the application has been submitted to Liiver. Entrepreneurship support can be granted for max. 2 times for the same applicant.
• The condition of the support is that the recipient of the support provides vouchers (copies of invoices) of the project's expenses and prepares a report on the project

Nuoriso-Leader's support can be used for the project for which it has been applied for
• Support is not granted for sales products or services
• It is not recommended to apply for support for wages, per diems, travel expenses or meals
• The activity must be drug-free

How to apply for support

The application form can be found on Liiveri's website at The application form is submitted electronically to Liiver. The search is continuous. The Business Division processes applications in its meetings, which are generally organized monthly.

The implementation period is one year from the decision. (Note! If you start the project before Liiver's decision, you do so at your own risk, i.e. if Liiver's decision is negative, you will not receive funding). The application of a minor entrepreneur/youth must have the consent of the guardian/guardian, which is checked by Liiver before the grant is granted.

Amount of aid to be granted

The maximum amount of entrepreneurship support is €500. Support is granted for a maximum of 90 % of the project's costs. In connection with the final report, the applicant submits receipts for the incurred costs to Liiver's office. The applicant must return the unused part of the support. If the project is realized larger than planned, the support will not increase from the granted amount. If the project is canceled completely, the entire support must be returned.

Deciding on support and paying support

A decision on the funded Youth Leaders will be made within about a month of submitting the application. Development association Liiveri ry reserves the right to accept or reject the Youth Leader application. Granted support is paid to the applicant's account within about two weeks of the decision.


The condition of the support is that the recipient of the support submits vouchers for the project's expenses and prepares a report on the project. Entrepreneurship support is reported to Liiver using an electronic reporting form. The reporting form can be found on Liiver's website.

In addition to the report, copies of the receipts/invoices for the expenses for which the support has been used are sent to Liiveri. The reporting period is defined in the support decision. Entrepreneurs/young people who do not report by the deadline will be charged the full amount of money back.